August 14, 2014

Tick. Tick. Tick.

The ordered seconds quietly slip by.
Slyly glancing over at the blog page.
Is there anything new?
Did something happen?
Is there any news?

Well, yes there is news. After my last post I decided to run away and join the circus. Wait, I already am part of the circus, but our cotton candy machine is broken. Instead I took a spur of the moment trip up north to visit my friend Dusty and enjoy some life on the ranch. Shae and Rowyn went too, and had a mini-family reunion.  You can enjoy pictures here.

I enjoyed visiting with Roar the bull;
and morning after glorious morning.
I found Bigfoot. (sort of)
And enjoyed a breakfast here.
The day I made it home was my birthday, and I found this waiting for me!
The days were so full, very little knitting happened. It seams (!) like it took forever to finish mattress stitching the yoke to the body of the Circlet in Blue. I finally finished the night before last. I had a hard time deciding whether to allow more ease in the stitching or to pull it snug, and now the stitching isn't as even as I'd like. But I can live with it. Now it's on to grafting the underarm seams, then neck edging and finally button bands. I still need to find some buttons! Sounds like the perfect time (is there ever a bad time) to stop by my LYS and check out their new digs. They just moved!

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  1. Welcome back home! I'll try not to be hurt that you came north and didn't look me up. ;-)