September 6, 2014

Time Away Can be a Good Thing

 I admit it. After seeing my Circlet in Blue cardigan blocked out, I was discouraged. So I rolled it up and stuffed it back into the knitting bag and considered my options. And secretly hoped that the knitting fairies would come by and make everything all better. And that the sweater would reflect on what had happened and voluntarily change it's ways.

After a period of time I pulled the sweater out and considered my options. Well, whether I was keeping it or gifting it, the buttons needed to go on. By the way, nothing has changed and it is still too big. But, as I smoothed out the fronts, and lined up the button bands, I noticed that really, I could've done a better job at knitting the buttonhole band. It looked sloppy. I thought I'd just firm up the bind-off, and then decided the entire band would be better re-knit, at a tighter gauge. And you know what, it did look better. Not only did it look tidier, but the front edge along the yoke looked better too, so I re-knit the other side to match. Much better. I never really thought much about how gauge on the button band can affect the overall look of a sweater.

It still doesn't make the sweater fit better, the sleeves are still ridiculously long, but I haven't given up hope. Tomorrow, I'll block the sweater again and see what else I can learn.

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  1. Just so you know, I have long arms. ;-) But I would think shortening them wouldn't be any more daunting than redoing the button bands. Were they knit cuff-up? Could you remove them and rip back an inch or three?