October 31, 2014

Crafting Cuteness

Last September, my cousin's daughter Saige (does that make her my first cousin once removed?) celebrated her first birthday. As I gift, I offered to knit a sweater. According to my cousin, Saige wanted a black or dark grey cardigan with cables. The specifics were left up to me. Cool.

I picked the yarn first, a dark grey DK weight superwash from Plymouth Yarns. Grey because I think cables get lost in black, plus it will be more flattering to Saige, and DK because, well, it means fewer stitches than working in fingering. Superwash because, well, its a sweater for a little girl.

Once I had the yarn, it was time to select the pattern.

Oh Bother! Or oh Blogger! I had a post all finished and waiting, and for some reason it wouldn't save or publish and now I have to refinish this post. Pooh.

Pattern picking. Ravelry. Search by size and yarn weight and wanting a cardigan with cables for a little girl. Ran this search a few different times, on different days to see what stuck with me. There were a few that came close. I almost settled. Then I must have changed one attribute and a previously unseen pattern appeared. Silverfox. I had an AH-HA moment. This is the pattern I'm looking for. Those really cute little baby models, nope, they didn't sway me one bit.

I'm almost done with the sweater. Below is a rather poor cell phone photo. The yarn and the sweater look much better in person.
 Love the pattern, I think its very well written. The sleeves are knit first and set aside, and then the body worked from the bottom up and then joined to the sleeves and on up to the yoke. Looks like very little finishing for this one. Weave in some ends, block and add the buttons. Soooo close.

Hopefully, blogger doesn't eat this post.

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