October 2, 2014

Getting Caught Up - part 1

When last I blogged about knitting, it was all about the Circlet Cardigan and how it was a bit big, and the sleeves much too long. I went out and collected opinions. First, I went to see my good friend Nancy at Common Threads. Not only is she a wonderful knitter and knitwear designer, she knows about fixing knitted things. She thinks the fit is fine, and assured me that I can  shorten the sleeves from the cuff end and everything will be fine. Later, I showed my friend Dusty, who doesn't know much of anything about knitting, and she declared the project beautiful and worthy of reworking. Michelle, I thought about showing you, but it was too blasted hot on Sunday to put the sweater on. So, I will tackle sleeve shortening, and document my progress here, so if I ever need to remember what (or what not) to do, I can find my notes. I expect to start around mid-month.

With the cardigan on hold, and the mountain meadow mayhem socks complete, I picked out another sock project, this time for my DH. He is very conservative in style, so I picked out a nice brown yarn, Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk Solid. Its a blend of bamboo, merino and a tiny bit of silk. This was my traveling project. Two at a time, magic loop, toe up.

Bill's Brown Socks

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