January 25, 2015

Some Finished Things for Twenty Fifteen

Wow! Two finished projects already! Never mind that they were started last year, finished objects are good any time of year.

First off the needles is the  Circlet in Blue Cardigan, begun last May.
This sweater was mostly finished months ago, but the sleeves were down-past-the-end-of-my-fingers long, and it was sitting around waiting for me to do something. I finally did. About 4 inches from the hem I snipped a loop and removed part of the sleeve.
Then I ripped back about another 3/4" of knitting, so I could make a new stockinet stitch rolled hem. The unknitting was a bit tedious and fiddly, and even more fiddly was figuring out which stitches were for picking up and knitting. Once that part was done, the knitting was easy.

After both sleeves were shortened it was time to add the buttons. I love the buttons. And I think I did a very good job of placing them. What I didn't do was realize that the chosen buttons end up very heavy on the sweater, especially as there are eleven of them. So it's back to the shop to find different, lighter weight buttons.

 The next FO is a pair of house socks, made from some of my handspun yarn. A pretty basic toe-up, short row heel pattern. This yarn is more like a sport weight, so just right for house socks, but a bit heavy for inside of shoes in So. Cal.
I finished off with a 3x1 ribbing, but now I wished I'd just stuck with stockinet and a rolled hem.

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