April 19, 2015

A Cavalcade of Cowls

Well, that was a long break. I did some traveling. I do have stories to post. And, honestly, the weather is so nice I hate to spend anytime indoors in front of a computer.

Cowls. Still knitting them. The next few are made from hand-spun camelid fibers, from a sampler pack I spun up a few years ago. The fiber came from Abstract Fibers.

White Suri alpaca (this wasn't from the sampler), 50/50 silk and baby camel, and 50/50 merino and baby camel. The merino/baby camel is light and squishy.

100% camel. Please pardon the neck wattles. (oops, I deleted the picture, wait, I found another to take its place!)

One more in the making, with black alpaca and brown llama, but I have no pictures.


  1. Those look soon soft and warm! Can't wait to hear the stories....

  2. Neck wattles? Are they optional, or just come with the package?

    I'm pretty sure Cy would eat them if I wore them. He already loves to sneak up behind me (as much as a 345# baby bull calf can sneak) and start gnawing my T shirt. Cowls would just put him over the moon.