June 27, 2016

It started with a bang

Well, more like a crash. And then little pieces. 

It started normal enough, just putting away dishes from last night's dinner. The Corningware casserole dish needed drying first, and somehow, in process of reaching for the towel with my right hand, I managed to knock the dish out of my left hand. Trying to catch it, I juggled it from the left side of the sink to the right, dribbled it across the oh so smooth countertop and then shoved it across and off the end as I made one last, desperate attempt to catch the silly thing. And over the edge it went. I wish there was video, I felt like I was part a comedy sketch.

I've noticed, as I grow older, that I drop or nearly drop things more often. Especially in the kitchen. Maybe my kitchen needs rubber floors...

And another thing. Has anyone else noticed that when you do manage to break a piece of that very sturdy Corning or Pyrex, that the stuff doesn't just break, it explodes? Shards go everywhere! And some of the bits are so small. This morning I found bits at least 12' away, behind me from where I took the photo. Luckily, no body was injured and I'm just down a dish, and maybe a rug. I don't trust those little shards and I'd rather toss the rug than risk the dog or cat picking up some little pieces.


  1. Yes, I've noticed the shards, and it always worries me for the dogs. I end up vacuuming the whole room!

  2. You know, of course, that juggling is best started at a much younger age...

    Pyrex explodes and turns into dust and shards. Ditch the rug. Pogo's bag o' wool is available for you to weave a newer, classier, glass-free one.