July 3, 2016

There's A New Kid Around Here

Meet Reese.
She is a 10 week old puppy, and is probably at least part Border Collie. We adopted her from Aussie Rescue of San Diego County and Friends. Her name used to be S'more.

Sometimes, you don't realize you have a plan until all the pieces come together, and it's clear as day. Last September we said goodbye to our wonderful old Aussie, Shae. There was no question that we'd add another dog to the family at some point, but we weren't in a hurry, we still have Rowyn and Scipio the cat. For a month or more, on Facebook I'd been seeing posts by Aussie Rescue of San Diego of puppies needing adoption. And every so often I'd see this black pup with white socks. "She's cute", I'd think and then later, "She's cute. I can't believe she hasn't been adopted yet." And then, "Maybe I should show her picture to Hubby." But I really didn't think he'd go for it. Well, a few weeks ago, Hubby started reminiscing about Shae, and how he missed her, and he never realized how attached he was, until she was gone. Shae, by the way, adored him.

It seemed to me, the Universe was telling me to do the math. One husband wanting a new canine companion, one cute puppy needing a family. I tested the waters by showing the puppy's picture to my oldest son. He agreed she was cute. I didn't tell him what I was considering. The next day, there's another post of the puppy and 2 of her sisters, still needing the right home. Okay, it was time to act. I sidled up next to Hubby in the kitchen, showed him my cell phone screen and very casually asked, "What do you think about this puppy?"
"She's cute," he said. "Is she an Aussie?"
I said "no, but she's part Border Collie and she's up for adoption."
He said "What do you think?" Which is spouse talk for, "Are you up for this?"
Very causally, I replied, "If you want to, yes." While inside I was thinking, "Wow, I didn't think he'd go for it!" Of course I was going to say yes.

I headed to my computer to fill out an online application. On the form, there was a field for 'describe your ideal dog.' And I filled in with 'must adore my husband' followed by things like smart and good with dogs and people. All the dogs we've had since we've been together, except the dog he had when first started dating, were dogs for me. They were family pets of course, but they were mine. It's his turn, he has the time to really enjoy this now.

It wasn't long before I heard back from an adoption representative. We were approved to adopt the puppy, and could meet her that day, if we liked. (Yes, this was a fast approval, but we are an experienced dog owning home, and we don't have any small children around. Plus, for at least a decade I was very active with a different Aussie rescue group, so I know the ropes.) Well, shucks yes we want to meet this puppy, and her two sisters, and possibly bring one home. I told went upstairs and told Older Son, "Remember that puppy picture I showed you the other day? Well, we're going to go meet her, and bring her home if she's right for us." The look of surprise and delight on his face nearly melted my heart. I know he was missing Shae too. Then I texted Younger Son a picture and said, "we're getting a puppy!" Talk about surprised! He'd only just headed north for a weekend with friends, and there had been no talk of puppies in the household! He quickly changed his plans and came back home.

Hubby and I wrapped up what we were doing and headed out to meet puppies, all sisters. Rowyn went too, he's part of the family and even though I expected him to be fine, it's a good idea to confirm his opinion, since they'd be dogging together. The three pups, all sisters, were cute and bouncy and ready to meet new people. Hubby spent time with the group, sort of seeing if he felt more connected to one than another. In the end, we agreed on little S'more, filled out the adoption contract and headed home, me driving and Hubby with a black and white puppy in his lap. I knew the plan had really come together when he announced, "I already know what I want to name her. Reese." And he explained to me that Reese is a key character in the TV show Person of Interest, who is always dressed in black and white. Okay, that works for me. I really, really knew the plan was meant to be when, as the puppy was sleeping in his lap, he turned to me and said with much joy, "She's great. This was a great idea, Honey." Mission accomplished.


  1. A tail in the family! Congrats on the new chew toy for Ro! And Rosie said she'd sure like to meet her while they are both still puppies!

    1. Oh, that would be great fun! Especially since I call Reese "Rosie" about half the time anyway. What's really weird is that I now sometimes call Rowyn "Plato". And he's been gone for what, 7 years or more?

  2. Yeah, but you'd have to bring Bill along to take charge of his little morsel while we were toiling away at Nationals.

    Of course, he could take her wine tasting with him, if he could talk Dale into being the DD as usual. Pretty much all the wineries with outside tasting rooms allow dogs.