August 4, 2016

Found it!

For weeks, I've noticed evidence of a leaf muncher on my tomato plants, but I could never spot the culprit. This morning I found fresh frass (yup, I learned a new word, the proper name for caterpillar poop) beneath one of the plants. Looking above the droppings, I spotted the poop producer. As a little girl, 'horn worms' gave me the willies, what with the way they rear up at you when you touch them, and the fact that they're 'worms' with this giant, bad-ass looking spike at one end. Now, I think they're pretty, in a way, and they turn into really cool moths, but as caterpillars, I still think they're icky. 

While there haven't been many fiber related posts making it onto the blog, I am still fiber active. I finished spinning the last of the Shetland fleece, I think this is the first time I can say I've spun or otherwise used up an entire fleece. Now I'm spinning Romney, and I feel like I've finally really gotten the hang of spinning from the lock. It seems like the perfect way to spin long wavy locks. 

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