March 28, 2008

Left Front!

The left front section of sweater should be finished tonight and blocked tomorrow. It was finished once already, but as I was smooshing stitches around I notice a spot where I'd messed up the embossed pattern. Just a small mess up, most folks probably wouldn't notice (or are kind enough to pretend they don't), but I know every darn time I look at this sweater it'll jump out at me like a zit in the middle of my forehead.

To fix it, I rip back 40 rows. Luckly, the rows are only 24 stitches long (twixt arm and neck shaping). Noticed another missing stitch in the process, so both get fixed. Its probably all mental, but the panel looks sooooo much better now. Only 20 more row to go and the left panel is complete. I'm beginning to believe I shouldn't work the embossed diamond pattern whilst knitting along at snbs. :-)

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