March 31, 2008

Quick update - or not so quick

Well the right front piece is on the needles now, and just a few rows into the embossed diamond part of the pattern. I still need to select buttons, the first buttonhole is already knit in, and it would be good to know the button will actually fit through the hole. Since I've knit the above the ribbing part longer than the pattern, I'd better check my buttonhole spacing and see I adjustments are needed. I'm actually anxious to start seaming, just because this time I've very carefully kept track of row counts, rather than using the tape measure. All the decreases and increases should match exactly, yes? I'm also wondering if I'll need to make adjustments to the sleeve caps, since I think the armholes in the sweater body are a bit larger than the pattern. I know I could check that out now, but I'd much rather procrastinate a bit longer.

The toe up socks are coming along, a round here, a round there. I fear I've made them a tad too wide. I could incorporate some decreases, rip back and omit some of the increases I put in because I thought they weren't wide enough, ignore the extra width (just a little too wide) or give them to someone with wider feet. I'll have to think on it. I very much doubt I'll be ripping back.


  1. I'm doing the same on the sweater I'm working on. I should have exactly the same amount of rows to sew together. We'll see what happens when I get to that point. See you on Wednesday!