March 17, 2008

Missed the rain

All last week I'd heard about the late winter storm that was going to bring some moisture over the weekend. Aside from a few scattered drops Saturday morning, we got skunked. Rain, snow and hail fell in small quantities around the county, but nothing here. Sigh. The Alaskan weather front did bring some more chill to the air, not enough to convince me to turn the heat back on, but sufficient to enjoy wearing my ugly wool sweatshirt for a few more days.

I've made fairly good progress on the PSC, although I almost ripped it back to the CO yesterday morning. I wasn't happy with the length, and decided it needed to be 1 inch shorter than the pattern. The inch I wanted gone was down at the bottom, before the waist decreases start. I pondered, measured the wip and myself over and over, held the section up to check the effect in the mirror, did calculations and measured some more. Omitting that inch any place else wasn't going to achieve what I wanted.

I finally decided to take a shower before doing anything drastic (this strategy works very well for me in most cases). After cleaning up, I stood in front of the mirror one last time, just to see if I couldn't just leave it alone and learn to love the results. No way. Plus, in my limited time knitting I've learned I'm generally better off if I trust my gut. No sense in completing the whole dang thing and then deciding to gift it or rip it and start over. On a whim, I decided to lower the piece to see how it would look longer and eureka! Perfect! The best part being, I like the increased length in the above the waist section, which means just adding a few more rows before starting the arm shaping. Just like hitting the easy button.

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