March 14, 2008

Spring Cardi Continues

Gee, I must be near halfway through the back section of the Printed Silk Cardigan. The easy half, the half that is pretty much stockinette with a few shaping decreases along the side. Halfway of the length, anyway. Into the waist ribbing now and then on to the patterned top portion. I'd post a picture, but it just looks like a longer version of what I've already posted.

Sigh, part of me wants to plug in a movie and knock out the rest of the ribbing, get to the patterned part so I can watch as stitches become pattern. On the other hand, I really should get at least an hour of yard work done, the mostly overcast weather is perfect for working on the shrubs that need trimming. (ahem, also pretty fine weather for knitting and watching a movie, eh?) Life is full of hard choices.... ;-)

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