March 11, 2008

Thar she blows!

Whale watch day today, and what a great day indeed. Beautiful spring-like weather, very light breezes and no swells out on the sea. We spotted 4 Gray Whales this morning, and only a few miles from shore. (At this time of year we expect to travel 9 or more miles west after leaving San Diego Bay to find migrating whales.) Three whales looked like juveniles traveling together, and one large whale about another mile an 1/2 out. Keeping this knitting related, the naturalist on board, Catie, is a kniting and spinner.

Steady progress being made on the PSC (Printed Silk Cardigan), gauge is a little off, 23 sts/4 inches. I can get gauge using a different set of #5s, but I like the softer drape at the 23sts/4 inch size and so will stick with that. I’ll knit the 38 inch size, (my actual bust is 40”) am wanting just a bit of negative ease at the bust when complete.

I've only knitted a 2 tops with shaping, and none so far with set in sleeves. Its been months since I've tried a sweater with shaping and real finishing, I wonder how I'll do? I've done some studying on both, and believe I have more understanding of how things are done, I'm anxious to try out my skills.

I've also started a pair of toe up socks, magic loop style. I've done toe-ups before, but always on dpns. Making 2 socks at the same time makes so much sense. I wonder if I'll feel the same way once I start the heels?

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