April 18, 2008

OK, I was Wrong

I was off by about 10 minutes, I think I fell asleep in less than 2.5. So the sweater progresses a bit slowly. One unforeseen effect of daylight savings time is I spend more time working out in the yard, especially when the weather is nice. At least I'm getting some exercise! Did I complain about the sleeves yet? Maybe just a little? The sleeves k1p1 ribbing is still taking forever, and I can't tell right side from wrong side. I guess the side I like best gets to be right side.

As a break/treat to keep my morale up, I attached the back and front pieces at the shoulders so I could at least drape those pieces over myself and get an idea of how the body sections were looking. Hmmmm, the bits going up to the shoulders look too long and the armholes look to deep, so I took the pieces apart and ripped everything back a bit and shorten up by .5 inches on all pieces. I like it better now.

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