April 26, 2008


So, even a short update must be better than none, eh? Still working on the PSC; sleeve cap shaping, finally! I didn't like the way my decreases looked, and so frogged back. Thought about changing the decrease spacing and cap shape, but after much consideration and checking of references decided to continue the pattern as written. I may yet go back and shorten up the armhole depth on the body pieces.

I gotten a few more rounds done on the socks, they might be all of 3" long now. At least that project benefited from my hesitation over what to do with the sleeve shaping and whether I should continue with the Very Large Curbing Bag.

I frogged the Curbing Bag, I really did cast on too many stitches. I'll be starting a smaller version soon, and might try knitting it out from a bottom piece.

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