April 13, 2008

Working on sleeves

Yikes, I didn't anticipate how it would seem like 4-evvverrrr to knit up these sleeves! Round after round of k1p1 ribbing. Glad I decided to knit both at once, otherwise I'd be fighting a serious case of second sleeve syndrome. I think I will go take a picture of the sleeves right now, just to share. See my little row counter in the corner? It tells me I have a long way to go yet. I think they have to be twice this long before I start shaping the cap.
The weather is much warmer than normal, like August heat, but without the humidity. Knitting projects vie with yard projects for attention, and completion. If the weather stays like this, this cute little sweater-to-be would end up staying in the draw. That's how warm it is. I know it won't last, and before long we'll have May grey and June gloom.

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