April 11, 2008

One Week Later....

Really, I was only in Sacramento for the weekend and was back home by Sunday night. That's how busy things have been. I did get a reasonable amount of knitting done on the ride up. The last front piece for the PSC is complete. I packed enough yarn to knit the sleeves at the same time, but didn't even get them cast on. The pattern called for a tubular cast on, and I didn't know how, so the sleeves ended up set aside until Tuesday. The toe up socks got a few more rounds though, at lease until it was too dark to see what I was doing.

Saturday afternoon I started working on a large bag, using ADHD's Curbing Bag pattern. I've been meaning to knit a bag for a while, and thought I'd make a felted one, but liked the idea the with the Curbing Bag, I could use yarns that won't felt - perfect for stash busting fun!

I can't wait to finish the PSC, as I really want to start some quick to knit summer tops. For updates on all the other *stuff* that's been going on, check out my other blog: she rants, she raves.


  1. Hi!

    I can blogstalk you from home now!!! :) In case you're wondering where I went, I got put on modified bedrest...til the little one comes. so anyhoo... :)


  2. I will do my best to help keep you entertained in the meantime. :-)