May 10, 2008

PSC - Finished!

Well, the buttons are on and all the tails woven in. I'm probably being uber-critical, I'm not 100% happy with the fit. I don't think its the pattern, but rather my lack of experience in fitting myself. Overall, the cardigan doesn't seem too close or too loose, but something about the set of the arms doesn't seem to match my shape as well as I would like. I"ll be getting some input from friends with more experience to find out what I can do differently next time. I am not redoing this sweater! But I might send it to my sister. :-)
(May 18) OK, maybe I'll keep it after all. If I were doing it again, I'd shorten the sleeves 1 -2", raise the neckline 1/2" and maybe make the part between the neckline and armhole narrower. Live and learn!

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