May 7, 2008

Almost Done with PSC!

All the pieces of the Printed Silk Cardigan are joined together, the one remaining step is to knit the neckband. I've already picked up the stitches, and with any luck the spacing will be just right. How is it that while picking up stitches, I can end up two short of the mark, redo and still be 2 short, redo and then be 2 stitches too many? And why is one side of the neckline easier to do than the other. After all, both sides of the front have the same number of stitches. If you hear wailing and gnashing (hey, maybe it should be "knashing") of teeth, its just me, deciding that I need to redo the spacing on the picked up neck stitches. Oh, and I found some buttons I like. See?

The Curbing Bag was frogged and restarted as a smaller bag, I really went overboard on the number of stitches I cast on the first time. This has been my main travelling project when I'm in the car, and I average about one curbed section per day, so I get to see some progress. I'm knitting from the bottom up, and started by knitting the bottom piece first and then starting the curbing. I used Judy's Magic Cast On to start the bottom, maybeI should've done the increases differently, as the bag bottom somewhat resembles the toe of a sock. No worries though, I've already got some ideas on how to deal with that. Maybe they'll even turn out to be good ideas.

Toe-up socks haven't been completely ignored during all this, they are finally long enough to cover the ball of my foot. It may be awhile before I'm at the point of working heels on 2 at a time magic loop socks though.

Last Saturday ladies from the San Diego North County Coastal Knitters (we have crocheters and spinners as well) got together at W's home for a dye-along. You know, a Kool-Aid party. Wow, we had a great time. W is a terrific hostess, and those with prior experience at yarn dying gladly shared their tips and tricks for making custom colorways. I will definitely be home-dying yarn again. I call my yellow, green, blue colorway Banana Blues, and the red and purple is Strawberry Grape.

I feel kinda bad, I can't remember the name of the blue Kool-Aid mix I used, but that's what gave the blue coloring. So the Banana Blues the yellow/green came from mixing blue with orange drink flavoring, and then was over dyed with mango.

For Strawberry Grape, the deepest red was black cherry, then the brighter strawberry and the purple coloring was grape flavor. Gosh, the grape was so dark when wet it looked nearly black, so at Wendy's suggestion I added some blue. I really like the combination.

This was so much fun, playing with the colors and seeing how things turned out, I know I have more home dyed yarn in my future. Oh wait, I said that already. :-D

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