June 12, 2008

Clapotis - Complete!

Yes, yes, the beautiful Clapotis is finished! And rayon is just right for cool, coastal summer evenings. I got lazy and just kept knitting straight rows, rather than grab the pattern and start the decrease rows, so it came out a bit long, more like a shawl. I'm wearing it right now over my pajamas and I love it. I know I'll be making another, or 3; one for colder weather and one to send to my sister at least.

I'm busy swatching away, I want to knit a summer top with some Elann Soie Bambou I bought a few months ago. I have a short list of potential patterns, I just need to see how the gauge works out.

After I figure out what top I'm knitting, I want to start a lace project, Laminaria. I haven't really done any lace work yet, and I suspect once I start I'll only be working on it while I'm in the mood. Sometimes I knit to keep my hands occupied, and sometimes I knit because I need to keep my mind occupied. I'll be using Elann Peruvian Baby Lace Merino.

Lately, I've been thinking about spinning, and buying a spinning wheel. I really didn't expect to care about spinning, but the idea just won't go away. And I want to play around with hand dying my yarns too. I ordered about a kilo of un-dyed corridale from Uruguay, it'll probably be a month before it gets here. I keep wanting certain colorways and yarn weights for certain projects and I'm not finding what I want. Maybe, I just need to make what I want.

Speaking of wanting things, I've been yearning for alpacas for about 5 years now, ever since I met some in person. And I hadn't even started knitting at that point. Hmmm, I wonder if learning to knit is my sub conscience trying to move me closer to alpacas. We have a couple of acres, I'd only need a couple of fiber beasts... Seems kinda silly considering I've hardly knit with alpaca at all, maybe a beaning I sent to my sister.(ok, I must be getting tired, I didn't bean my sister, I sent her a beanie.) Oh, and yesterday Offspring #2 told me that there are some alpacas and a llama living not to far from here, within walking distance. I must go meet them!

Last but not least, this Saturday is Knit in Public day. Go out and git ur knit on! We'll be out in the Lumberyard courtyard in Encinitas starting around mid-day. Not that I've ever been shy about knitting in public, or need any excuse to do so.

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