June 6, 2008

new pictures

This picture doesn't due justice to the beautiful colorway of this Blue Heron yarn. But at least I can give you an idea of how the Clapotis is coming along. No doubt I'll be starting another soon after this one is done.

Early this week I frogged the hideous hoodie in order to liberate the lovely yarn trapped therein. While the hideous hoodie was completely functional, it fit like a potato sack, and I felt that the lovely Malabrigio merino handspun would be better showcased elsewhere. It really is so beautiful in hanks that I might just make a yarn tree to hang it from and display it as art. The Manos del Uruguay was liberated at the same time, its nice, but not in the same league. Perhaps a felted project.

While shopping at my local Trader Joe's I found Peony blossoms in their cut flower section. I've admired pictures before, but don't think I've ever seen them up close. So now I have 5 stems in a vase here, and the flowers are fantastic. The buds started as tight pink globes, and as they open they get showier and showier, changing color and revealing the ruffled petals near the center. And they smell good, too! I'm pretty sure the shrubs won't grow around here, so I'll just have to enjoy them while I can. My favorite flower is now a Peony!

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