November 18, 2008

Knitting Updates

Hmm, I've been pretty delinquent in posting about any of my knitting projects, haven't I? I am still working on my Sahara top; body all done (I re knit the neckline lace in a different yarn), left sleeve all done (except I'm going to rip it out because I forgot to pick up the wrapped stitches at the shoulder) and the right sleeve 2 inches shy of starting the lace edging. Thank goodness this is a top down pattern. Early on after I finished the body I decided it was too long and I just didn't like the curving hemline this time. So I ripped back to just past the wrap and turn hem shaping and then just continued with the lace edging.

This project really has been a work in progress, as I seem to keep reworking it as I progress. I found some yarn at a lys sale that I thought would make a great accent along the neckline and sleeves, so I ended up pulling out most of the neckline trim and re knitting it with the new yarn. I considered doing all the lace trim in the accent yarn, but changed my mind. My backside is pretty good at making its presence known without extra help. :-) Maybe this project will finish up before New Year's Eve. I keep thinking about the perfect skirt to pair it with. BTW, I don't remember the last time I went anywhere for New Year's Eve.

I finished a pair of socks that started clear back in March. I didn't realize they'd been so long in the making. They came out a little large for me, but will be perfect for my sister, Marci. Cool. I think I'll send along the Blue Heron Clapotis as well. While I love the colors, every time I wear it I feel a bit overwhelmed by them, and I made the wrap a bit too long as well. Marci is taller and has darker coloring, and I think it will look just perfect on her! But I'll need to cast on another Clap soon, I want to make sure I have a replacement!

With the holidays on the way, I'm getting the urge to start some gift knitting (ummm, another reason why the socks and the Clap are soooo right for my sister). But I also want to finish up my Sahara, start on a hoody sweatshirt, felted bag, wristwarmers and croc warmers for moi, plus get a bit more charity knitting done. So many choices. Lets not forget finish scouring the fleeces. I'll muddle along, maybe postpone most of the knitting for me (must make the bag!), the weather has been so crazy here that I'd be way too warm in almost anything wool. In today's paper

Below are pictures of some of the batts I've carded up with the drum carder. This first one is cormo cross, and whatever was left on the carder when Kelie used it. She doesn't know what it is either, but it gives a pretty heathery look to the batt.

The next picture show batts of merino cross, cormo cross and rambouillet. I wasn't really keeping track of what I used, just trying to get experience with the drum carder. I especially liked the way the rambouillet worked out, so so soft and fluffy. Now, I need to try spinning some of them!

And this last pic is the few oz of not-very-good merino cross fleece I got for very cheap. I think tossed half of it. The resulting batts have been carded twice, and could benefit from one more go, but I'm just going to use them as they are.

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