November 15, 2008

Behind Again!

Ouch, I see it's been over 2 months since my last post. Gee, how time flies when life gets messy. Plus, the main hard drive in my computer, the one with the os and all that important stuff, went tits up about a month ago. I did have a back up, right, from last February. :-p It was better than nothing though, and much easier to restore than completely reinstalling the os and all the other applications.

Once a month back ups are a pretty good idea, I had been religious about it for a while. I was using a version of Norton Ghost. But for some reason it started really hogging resources in the evening, even when a backup wasn't scheduled, so I uninstalled it, and would then reinstall it to create a new backup. And gee, my system had been so stable, I wasn't really worried about a crash.

I hadn't planned on having a mechanical issue. The hard drive just quit spinning. It wasn't that old either. Seagate was very good about honoring the warranty, and sent me a replacement drive, but if I wanted any of the data recovered, the minimum price for that service is hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, I keep most of my pictures and stuff on a different drive. I did lose the fleece spreadsheet I started, but much of the info is under my Ravelry stash.

BTW, I am still cleaning fleece, I got kinda tired of it for a while and just let it sit. But last Wednesday my urge to wash woolie stuff returned, due in no small part to the loan of a drum carder from the wonderful, gorgeous and talented Kelie. Plus, I want to get the wool into the closet, and raw wool smells too much to keep in the house. I'm hoping to get it all done in the next few weeks. We're due for a few days of Santa Ana wind conditions, perfect for drying wet wool. Yesterday I finished washing a merino cross, and today I start on the 11 or so pounds of rambouillet. I had washed a small sample of this some time ago, and wow, did it ever card out B-A-Utifully!

I've done zilch-o spinning in the last 6 or 7 weeks, and I'll need to start again very soon. I have maybe 8 or 10 batts now from the drum carder, and I want to know how they spin up. It seems to me, that batts might be harder to store than washed wool, I don't want to smoosh the lovely, soft, squishy batts! I'll get pictures posted as soon as the camera battery recharges!

Oh, I did get a project started and finished on the same day; I made a beanie for the girl next door. She's spending a few months in Utah, it gets cold there!

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