December 1, 2008

Awwww Crap!

Life can get so weird sometimes. A few months back my 8 year old cat had a tumor removed from her right shoulder. She goes in for a 4 month checkup at the end of the week, but so far everything is looking really good. A week ago Friday I took my 10 year old dog in ( or maybe she's 9, I can't rememeber right now) for a lump on her right leg, down near her paw. Mast cell tumor, unusual in this breed the vet tells me. And the 12 year old dog has a small mass on his right elbow, but no surgery for him, his heart isn't so good anymore. I don't consider myself a suspicious person, but this all seems spooky. I'm having a hard time believing this is all coincidence. Theories?

Annnddddd, to bring this back to knitting, I've got about 6 more inches of sleeve to complete my Sahara top, plus weaving ends and blocking; and I've been knitting mini Christmas stocking for decorations and gifts. Pictures soon!

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