January 25, 2009

Belated Happy New Year

I haven't totally abandoned this poor blog. I have guilty thoughts almost every day over not blogging more consistently. Or... almost every week. Meanwhile, today I took a trip to majorly stupid town and managed to completely thrash my computer's main hard drive, resulting in a complete reinstall of the OS. I'm still searching for a backup, any back up so I don't have to try and recreate everything. sigh. I really need to learn when to let well enough alone.

I've done some knitting; 2 sets of wrist warmers/fingerless mitts completed. One for me and one for MIL, who asked for a pair when she saw me working on mine Xmas eve. I've started a third pair, trying my hand at illusion knitting, at the request of Offspring #1. He turns 18 years old next month.

I've been spending too much time playing video games, and not enough knitting.

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