April 1, 2009

Day of Fools

I am not feeling anywhere near clever enough this morning to even try to pull an April Fool's day stunt, so I won't. Or maybe I will, but after one more cup(s) of coffee. Which reminds me, I really love my hoodie. Pulling it on is a form of instant gratification that contains zero calories, is moral and legal, and just feels darn fantastic. Its like a hug and a happy sigh. Simple in its construction, beautiful in function. ahhhhh... drifting away ...

OK, I'm back now. :-) I'm into the fourth skein of yarn now on my Clapotis, and I love the colorway (and the feel) of the Manos Silk Blend. It reminds me of a foggy winter morning at the beach, or maybe the desert. I'm so enamored of some of the shades that I plan on hand dying some yarn to match, and painting some of the rooms in the house similar colors. (The house does need painting.) The picture with flash shows more blue than I see when I look at this yarn, and the picture under natural room light doesn't show enough blue. Someday I must learn how to correct for this in editing, or get a different camera. ;- )

I think I could have, maybe should have, gone up one or 2 needle sizes to knit this. I'm using US #5, and the gauge is fine, but I think it would be nicer just a little bit looser. Not that I'm frogging this and starting over, I don't feel that strongly about it. I'm anxious to finish, partly because I'm looking forward to wearing this and partly because I'm ready for some other projects.

Just a few days ago, I decided I must knit some warm weather vests now, at least 2, to add to my wardrobe. Something that will work over T's, tanks and camis, with skirts or pants. Yeah, I have it in my head that these vests will revolutionize my idea of my wardrobe. I'm researching patterns now, looking for lightweight simple things that have an open front. Maybe some lace. We'll see. So far I'm considering antique lace, skin of the sea, vine lace, knit a beach, and the sea tangles pullover which is not a vest, but looks very cool. Besides the vest(s), I've a hankering for a wrap sweater, out of the yarn I intend to hand dye. This has me, in the past whenever I've tried on a wrap sweater, I've never really liked them on me, and now I want to knit one, for myself. Maybe this is the ultimate challenge of being the boss of my knitting; to create a garment for myself in a style that normally I don't wear because I never found it flattering, and make it so I like it. I can do this.

I also decided to finaly finish off my Cool Black Sahara. It was put away during the winter, needing only blocking and weaving in ends. I tried it on first, and lo, I want it just a bit longer. Started weaving in tails and found that the trim on the sleeves don't match, one side has a longer trim than the other, but not an entire pattern repeat longer. Maybe I used different needle sizes? I'm not sure at this point, but will most likely end up frogging and reknitting one side to get them to match. Or maybe both sides to get them to match.

Other random things; I have a partial essay on time in my head that I need to write down, the orioles are back making a hanging basket nest under the eaves (painting the eaves now has to wait until nesting season is over), while we may have had more rain this season than last, I see fewer wildflowers on the hillside. Perhaps it has something to do with the spacing of the rains. I want to plant some flowers and shrubs in the yard, but I'm afraid to commit since it's likely we'll be asked to ration water this summer.

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