July 13, 2009

BSG 2009

And now, finally, some pictures from the Black Sheep Gathering. For those so inclined, there is a place right next door to the fairgrounds that makes a nice tent campground. The RV campers have another place nearby that is just as nice.

Home, sweet home. All that soft grass made a nice bed.

The Ravlery camp spinning circle.

There are vendors selling everything from raw fiber, to roving and batts to already spun yarn. Vendors selling spinning wheels and spindles and needles and hooks and drum carders. Vendors selling jewelery and bags and notions and potions and knick knacks and whatnots. And because this is and started off as an event for shepherds, there are vendors selling hand and electric shears and fence panels and other things a shepherd might want.

The BSG Spinning Circle

There are sheep, of course, and this year angora goats. I fell in love with Shetland sheep and brought home a fleece. I think it would've been to hard to bring a sheep on the train.
Shetland sheep lambs

Shetland ram

There was sheep judging, with emphasis on wool quality.
A black sheep, getting prettied up for judging.

The high drama event is the wool judging. BSG is all about wool for spinning, and the fleeces are judged with hand spinning in mind. All types of fleeces are entered, and I'm sure there must be something for everyone. The judging takes about one and one half days.

Tables and tables of fleece for judging.

Even before the final judging is complete, potential buyers start lining up for the viewing and sale. When the judging is over, there are 30 minutes for viewing all the judged fleeces. Smart shoppers leave someone outside to hold a place in line for when the sale starts. Between viewing and the start of the sale, all the not-for-sale fleeces are removed.

Shopping the fleeces, things were going fast!
Next year I plan on spending more time, and maybe taking part in some of the workshops.

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  1. Oh! After following your link from the comment you just made on my blog, I think I've found the person who bought Brava's fleece! You never gave me the addy, so I didn't know you have a blog. Usually I make friends with people via blogging, THEN get to meet them; this is one of the rarer times it happened in reverse order. :-)