July 17, 2009

Spinning and Knitting Along

Like I mentioned before, attending BSG really intensified my desire to spin. So I started spinning bits of things, just to get a feel for different fiber and methods. This is 2 full hanks of cormo/merino type stuff, 2 plied.Some 2 ply brown merino cross, it spun way nicer than I expected.
This is a hank of Romney single ply, I was practicing woolen style spinning.Later I dyed it, now it looks like this;Dyed some wool at the same time; Fluffys Garden was showing me vat dying.Carded some of the wool into batts; this started as dark gray wool.And practiced spinning alpaca, here's a little bit of black 2 plyAnd some rather coarse brown 2 ply
And I've finally been making some progress on my Summer Waistcoat. A group of us were at Petco Park to promote Stitch N Pitch next Sunday.
The socks are nearly done, almost time to start the ribbing. Haven't done a darn thing with the Muir Shawl.

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  1. Man, that's a lot of spinning! I always think spinning is a great summer alternative to knitting wool. Of course, I'm knitting wool, too.