November 3, 2009

Handspun and Roving roundup

So I didn't go volunteer today, I stayed home with my cold instead. To rest. What can be more restful than playing around with yarn? The stash area was a bit messy so I reorganized and cleaned that up while keeping an eye out for some good dog sweater yarn. Yup, the Whippet is going to need a sweater. I've never had a single coated breed of dog before, but Caddo has already demonstrated that she prefers temps over 68 degrees F. Poor thing starts shivering, and we keep the house on the cool side during the winter, especially at night. For Southern California, I mean. Heck, all the other dogs I've owned like temps 65 and lower.

Right now, I keep my roving stashed in a place separate from the yarn, so I went on the round up the roving and organize the hand spun. After all, once the hand spun is all grown up, it should move into the yarn stash area. That way it can be fondled with the rest of the yarn when I'm thinking about projects, or just admiring all the lovely potential. Plus that frees up more room for roving, top and batts. :-)

The weather is warm and sunny during the days lately so I decided to wash the top down hoodie I made earlier this year. I absolutely love that sweater. The one thing I'd change when I do another one is to use a multi-ply yarn, or make sure to really full any single ply yarn. The single ply hand spun yarn really pills. Since I was planning to wash anyway, I decided to try fulling the sweater some while washing. I don't know if it will help prevent pilling, but what the heck I gave it a go. The sweater is outside drying right now, and I don't I succeeded with the fullling. I'll try again next time I wash it. At least I didn't felt it.

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