November 18, 2009

String and Stuff

I first started spinning with wool, an very nice Corridale roving that really helped build my confidence. I felt so confident that I decided to try something else, like a very pretty brown alpaca and un-dyed silk roving that caught my eye. I bought a big bag of it, an entire pound. Spinning with this stuff wasn't so good for my confidence, it didn't behave nearly as predictably as the wool. I've worked on it off and on, and finally the entire lot is now 2 ply yarn. Of various weight. I really can see how my so called  technique is developing. I'm trying to figure out if I can knit it into something wearable, given the absence of consistency.

Last Thursday I finally glued the clock carcass together, I've been expecting to reach this point for, oh, the last 3 or 4 weeks. Now I feel like I'm making progress. This week I might actually get a door frame made.

I'm making slow progress on the plain brown socks, most evenings I've spent spinning, not knitting. With the alpaca/silk all in hanks I've left the bobbins bare whilst forging ahead on the socks. One heel is turned, and the other in process. In the meantime, I'm considering what next for spinning.

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  1. You can knit it into something. I knitted my first handspun into a sweater. I used the thicker stuff for the body and the thinner stuff for the collar and cuffs. Knitting really smooths out a lot of the inconsistency. And besides, that thick-and-thin handspun look is high fashion!