February 19, 2010

Aha, ha ha, ha ha

No, that's not laughter, just the sound in my head as I steal a few moments to update. I'm still not done designing my side table, but am very close and hope to finish this weekend. A good plan, as long as nobody in the family bothers me. But not likely to happen.

I've entered the Ravelympics (boy, spell checker sure doesn't like that one!) Aerial Unwind event, I already have a frog pond going so why not. I entered the Printed Silk Cardigan knit in Knit Picks Shine Sport, and the Summer Cardi I made with mostly a bunch of Noro Tidiori and based on a pattern I found in Knit n Style magazine.  I love all the colors in that project, but the result of the all the colors and now the frogging is many, many little balls of yarn. That may never be good for much of anything.

 The un-knitting is therapeutic, after a hectic day when my brain just can't deal with thinking any more, pulling stitches apart is actually soothing. Unless I can't figure out where I wove in the gall-danged tail end to start the unraveling process. I've thought about just using scissors (GASP!!!), but really those are just the thoughts of a weakened mind. I haven't resorted to that yet. Frogging finished garments is giving me insight into how durable my finishing is.

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