March 15, 2010

Doing and undoing

The Doing - Inspecting the fleece collection, finding better ways to store the fiber related tools and taking pictures for posting.

The undoing - ripping back the Beret Easy beret because it doesn't fit me.  It was finished, and well I think. The first time I've made a knitted hem and grafted the hem in place. Too bad I made the band over an inch too large for my puny little head. I kept trying to convince myself it was fine, but then I took my glasses off and the hat slid down over my eyes. Hard to argue with that. So this morning I started undoing the grafted stitches and I'll rip it back a few inches and have another go.

Back to the doing; very fine weather today with sunshine and a nice breeze. A good day for more drum carding! Time to pull out the carder. I sure wish my fiber prep tools were better organized; ahhh, wait, aren't there some storage containers in the garage that are empty now? They used to hold action figures and Legos and such, but I bet they'd be just great for holding combs and cards and rovings and needles. Lets get all the fiber tools out too, and the storage containers and get to work.

Hmmm, which fleece to work with? ... Heck, why not pull them all out and have an inspection!  A good time too, to cull the bags. Some of the not so great stuff should go, I realize now that I'm not going to get around to trying to spin twine out of that coarse brown alpaca. How 'bout that huge Romney fleece? Heck, the cut ends are mostly really felted, bugs have chewed through it and it has yellow stains. Lets keep the few good bits and let go of the rest.  I have a wet felting project in mind and the good bits might work out for that. (more on the felting project in the future.)

I feel better now; I'm not an organized person, but every once in a while inspiration hits. My fiber tools and ready to spin fibers are easier to find and access, I've ranked my fleeces and freed up some space for new fleeces. But I didn't get any drum carding done.

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