March 13, 2010

Spring is in the Air...

And I crave fleece. It doesn't help knowing that shearing season has started either. Its not that I'm out of fleece, cause I'm not, and I don't expect to run out of fleece during the next 3 or 4 years. I just want more. Something new. Something different from what's already in the stash.

Its not that there is a shortage of fleece for sale, nooo. I've already looked around and there is plenty of fleece for the buying, and likely more on the way. But, I'm planning on going to the Black Sheep Gathering this year, and there will be lots of fleece there, all kinds and colors, not to mention lovely rovings in all shades made of all types of fibers. So I'm attempting a fiber diet between now and then. I say attempting, because I've never been very good at dieting. In fact, even thinking about dieting usually starts cravings.

I needed distraction. Yesterday was a lovely afternoon here, so I took the drum carder outside, along with this little grab bag of fiber and made batts. Creamy white alpaca batts, a lusciously soft black alpaca batt (omg, I really hope I have lots more of that) and a lofty, cushy, soft brown wool batt.  What a brilliant way to spend an afternoon (waiting for the plumber, who didn't show up, again. That's another story. Its just a little leak.)

I did say I'm on a fiber diet, right? So the set of Addi Clicks I splurged on don't count, because they are tools. Good tools are important, and so far I really like these tools. The cable is very supple, and the locking mechanism seems positive and stable. The real test will be how they hold up over time, as I use circular needs for just about every thing I knit. I used them to finish the Beret Easy beret I was working on.

Talking about the beret reminds me, the yarn I chose for this project is wonderful. It's Tahki Lana, organic according to the manufacturer's web site. I'm not really sure what that means in terms of wool, but is a lofty, soft yarn and I really enjoyed knitting with it. I think it would make a great sweater.

My cravings for fleece aren't the only indicators of spring, flowers and buds are busting out around here, and I promise to get some pictures posted soon.

edit: promise fulfilled

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  1. Hi there - found you through Yarnhog's blog. How cool that you'll be at Black Sheep Gathering! I just found out I'll have a vendor booth. Hope you'll stop by! (I'm Stitchjones.) Sharon