June 9, 2010

Stuff Happens

Or, Life is What Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans.

I've canceled my plans to attend the Black Sheep Gathering. Last week my dad was diagnosed with, and went into surgery for, a brain tumor. The surgery went exceedingly well, with Dad pretty much being his normal pain in the rear self as soon as anesthesia wore off. Surgery on Friday, released from hospital on Sunday. But the tumor looks to be the type that comes back quick.

My parents divorced when I was very small, and my dad and I never seemed to find much time to get to know each other. We'd just started making up for lost time in the last few months, and now, well, I'm planning on making hay while the sun shines.

If you can, hug your dad.


  1. I'm sorry I won't get to see you again at Black Sheep, but you have your priorities straight and we can all learn from that. Thank-you, and God bless both of you.

  2. thanks Michelle, I'll miss seeing you too.

  3. So sorry to hear. Positive wishes and see you in a few weeks for spinning....we can both get the scoop from the others attending....

  4. I am so sorry about this happening to your dad, but love that you are able to jump in and be with him during this time. There will be lots of wool festivals waiting for you when you have time...this is one of those very special times, like I'm having now, that money can't buy. Love every minute of your time with him. PS Isn't it a shame we wait for things like this to happen to realize how short life is? My family is full of this stuff...you are wise and fortunate to have this chance.