August 26, 2010

Still not caught up...

And I won't be anytime soon if I don't blog more often!

I can't believe it myself, but aside from last Friday, which was the monthly spinning meet up at a LYS, I have scarcely touched my spinning wheel for more than a month. It sits there, patiently waiting, while I knit away on little sweaters and deal with family life. I walk by and notice that the pale maple treadles now bear marks that resemble my feet, and can't decide if I'd rather be spinning, or cleaning the treadles and adding more finish. Then I go back to what needs doing.

The little sweaters are coming along. I decided to try a new technique, and use steeks to create the arm holes for the Garter Stitch Baby Kimono. I hand sewed the steeks and the first sleeve is started and so far so good. The Daisy Cardigan is knit top down and has raglan sleeves, and those are finished and now its just stockinette until the proper length, and then the picot bind off.

the old Underwood
I have no new pictures of either project, but here is a fun picture of something completely different. My Grandmother's typewriter.  She always enjoyed writing, and in her later years started submitting articles to magazines. Once I finally get the old roll top desk back together, the typewriter and desk will be reunited. I really thought I'd have that desk fixed up long ago, but I haven't touched it since moving it into the garage last fall. I can feel the restoration muse prodding me, and think the desk will get some attention next month, after we get Evan moved into the dorms.


  1. What a cool old typewriter! Doesn't the name "Underwood" sound just a little ominous to you? (Uh, oh. I can feel a new obsession with old machines coming on...)

  2. Lucky you, to have that typewriter with family history! It reminds me of one I used as a kid, a relic my parents had had for years. I'm with you on spinning...I have not touched a wheel all summer, for reasons I'm not clear on, other than it just hasn't seemed right. Maybe when fall hits we'll be re-inspired?