September 2, 2010

What Would You Do?

I took my car to the mechanic today, to have the A/C system recharged and the driver's side window fixed so it would go up and down again. It's been stuck in the closed position since June.
I didn't know how long the fixing might take, but that's ok, since I've 2 sweater wips to keep me busy. Both are very close to finished, the baby sweater just needing some fastenings and the Daisy Cardigan some bind-offs and neck bands.
I decided to work on the Daisy, thinking I had just enough yarn for the picot edge body bind off.
I had completely forgotten about the front edges and neck bands. Yup. Those are going to need finishing too.
How did this happen, and where or how do I come up with enough yarn, just a few yards really, to properly finish this little sweater?
I checked my gauge, (mind you, I'd checked this earlier) the stitch count was off a bit, 22 sts per 4 inches instead of 21. I measured the sweater at the chest and recorded 28 inches instead of 26. Wow, 2 inches larger is a lot!
So here are the choices I considered;
Do the math and rip the sweater back to mid chest and re-knit, including the sleeves. (top down, one piece raglan construction.) Really, I should have enough yarn, the pattern calls for 450 yards and I have 526.
Make the sweater a cropped version.
Check my stash for a contrasting color in superwash DK and use that for a border and trim.
Check my LYS for more of this yarn in the same or contrasting colorway, because a bigger sweater can be grown into.
How would you handle this?


  1. I'd try finding something in my stash to use first...and if not, second I would rip the bottom out and make the sweater a little cropped...third would be to buy more of the yarn, unless you like the yarn so much you wouldn't mind having it back in your stash, then that should be your first move. Don't you just hate when this happens? Ah...the old story about having to buy more to use up the old. Hope it works out well and to your satisfaction!

  2. I like the contrasting color for trim. It'll definitely be grown into.