September 10, 2010

And… What I did

I bought another skein of the same color. I sort of remembered seeing one more skein of Plymouth Happy Feet DK at the LYS when I purchased the (should’ve been enough) first 2 skeins, so I trotted myself down to the store to check. If I remembered wrong (my kids tell me I do that sometimes, but I don’t believe them) I was sure I’d be able to find some contrasting color to work with. There was no way I was going to rip back and adjust the stitch count. No Way.
There was a contrasting color that would’ve worked well too, but I didn’t want to leave that single skein stranded without any of its color way mates. I always feel a bit sorry for single hanks, no dye lot siblings for company, no joyous union of purpose and form in a single garment… That yarn needed to come home with me.  Call it fate. As I was winding the hank into a ball, I found a join in the yarn. I didn’t like it much so I cut out the join and set aside the small ball I had so far and started another ball. The small ball could’ve set inside the top of a shot glass, like a scoop of ice cream in a cone.
I thought, “Maybe that small ball is just enough to finish the job. I’ll try it.”
And it was.  And I have about 230 yards left. I wonder if that is enough for some footsies? For me, I mean. I really like this yarn. I know it would be enough for some fingerless mitts.
Now the Daisy Cardigan needs blocking, and I get to pin out all those cute little pointy picot edgings. What was I thinking? I could’ve just finished the hems with a nice, non-curling garter stitch or seed stitch. Oh well, its not often I knit for a little girl.
Since I don’t have a picture of a blocked sweater, here is a picture from my visit last month to Davis, California. Davis is a college town, and bicycles are a common mode of transportation. I saw this bike (below) as we left a restaurant. red bike
Notice the canine buddy waiting patiently in the basket. I wish I had time to get a better picture of him.

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  1. good solution...sounds like it was "meant to be" as we say in Taos!