September 27, 2010

I’m not moving a son to college, I’m gaining pattern repeats…

meandering vines scarf, on the road
At least, that’s what I kept telling myself weekend before last. This is a scarf based on the Meandering Vines shawl and knit of The Road to China Light in the Silken Jewels colorway yarn. The yarn is scrumptious, by the way. A soft squishy blend of alpaca, silk, baby camel and cashmere. Just the thing for a distraught mother to find comfort in fondling. I expected to get many pattern repeats done, (500 miles worth, one way) but didn’t count on how much time I’d spend coaching the boys on safe road trip driving. The 2 of them did just about all the driving up to Davis, and if you asked them I’m sure they would let you know how diligently I coached, but they might have a different name for it…
The Central Valley of California is a tremendous growing region, and from the highway we could see hay and various fruit orchards and almond trees and grape vines and trucks carrying loads of garlic, onions and tomatoes. I imagine them all going to a big salsa factory, or maybe spaghetti sauce. We also saw cotton on the hoof, er leaf. And I didn’t pick any. Now I wish I had.
cotton in California's central valley
The Drivers; Son #1        Ryan behind the wheel , and Son # 2   Evan behind the wheel .
We drove up on a Saturday and stayed in Sacramento, no lodging in Davis imagine that, and moved Evan and his gear into his dorm room on Sunday.  I started to help him unpack, and then thought better of it and decided to head home. He is capable of figuring out his own unpacking, Ryan had homework waiting at home, and the longer I hung around, the more likely I’d be to cry. And it is a long haul home.
scarf and city    Dorm room
I didn’t cry. Not one bit. Not until Monday. Wednesday. Maybe Thursday. Not all day, just once in a while.
In between not blogging and running around on college packing shopping trips with Evan, I did finish the sweaters.
garter stitch baby sweater kimonoThe Garter Stitch Baby Kimono for new grand nephew Dameon who arrived just Friday.  I steeked the armholes for this sweater, a first for me, and knit Chinese knot style buttons.
Daisy Cardigan  And the Daisy Cardigan for grand niece Kamea.
purple creature  The purple creature, who languished whilst the sweaters progressed.
And some spinning, hooray!
Four ozs of silk/cashmere blend  silk and cashmere single singles, one ounce of organic cotton single 1 oz organic cotton single,
and I’ve just started on 4 oz. of Gotland lambswool. Gotland lambswool single. I’m so happy to be spinning again!

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  1. So...mission accomplished. Good job, Mom! He'll be fine. You know he'll be fine. Just keep spinning.