December 15, 2010

Can I Have Mine

With the Crazy Sauce on the side?

Son #2 is home from school. My dad thinks I'm crazy to drive all the way up to Davis, and has let me know about these wonderful inventions called "planes" that can make the trip with much less time and effort on my part. I know he's just worried about my safety, and he totally doesn't understand how much I enjoy having a few hours to talk to my son. As long as I can work around all the text messages he's getting from all his friends. I can't remember the last time I heard him talk so much; even if about 2 hours of it was one side of his conversation with his girlfriend. :-) I did set a new personal record during that trip; 1000 miles in less than 24 hours. (Wow, that was just last Friday/Saturday! It already feels like a long time ago.) Now that I know I can, I think I'll try not to.

Speaking of Dad, he had a longish  procedure scheduled yesterday and I decided to take along the Pocket Wheel to work on the second project below while waiting. Right off the bat(t), 2 people knew it was a spinning wheel, and I had a chance to show off. If you're interested in updates about my Dad, I've decided that I'll put any posts regarding him over here. Unless its fiber related, of course.

Here is a nearly finished spinning project to show off, a 2 ply skein made from the "Price above rubies" Crosspatch creations batts that I won in a raffle at the Torrance fiber festival. I don't think I got enough funky in my spinning, but it was still fun. Doubly fun, since I seldom win things. Gee, maybe that's not true anymore, I won some wonderful Shetland roving from this blog earlier this year.

Once again influenced by watching the spinning DVDs, I'm trying something new. Project driven spinning. I really think my fine spinning is actually fine now, and so I'm going to make a 3 ply sock yarn to show off my new found prowess. The materials are alpaca top and some hand painted BFL top that I picked up last Saturday at a holiday spin-along and destash. One alpaca single and 2 of the BFL. 

Oh, and an amazing thing happened today. This morning I went into Son #2's room to wake him up and generally harass him, and once he was actually awake (we've has some interesting, albeit short conversations in the past when I thought he was awake. He always has no memory of those.) he said "that's a cool scarf." I was wearing a clapotis. I knew I was pressing my luck, but I asked anyway, "What do you like about it, the color or the pattern?" He said, "Both, I like the way they work together." Wow, I think my son just complemented my one of my knitting projects.


  1. nice! :) sound like fun. and if you're having a side of crazy what am I having? I can't wait to see your 3 ply sock yarn... :D

  2. Three ply sock yarn? Wow. Love that your son complimented your Clapotis!