December 8, 2010


Back in October I spun up some organic brown cotton. Sometime between then and now I went to the website for the cotton and read that the color of the cotton deepens when its boiled in water. Really? Today I had a few skeins of yarn to full, so since I was heating water anyway, I boiled the cotton skein first. Below is a picture comparing the cotton sliver to the boiled cotton yarn. Before boiling, the yarn was the same color as the sliver. Cool!

Here is the wool/cashmere/possum blend after washing and whacking, it really puffed up! I'm thinking of dying is blue or purple, and I think it will be a hat maybe.
Also washed and whacked a small skein of brown wool of unknown sheep type(s), this one really puffed up too! I've got odd ball bits of this wool/yarn, maybe I'll whip up some fingerless mitts for the boys for Christmas.

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  1. Awesome spinning! That second one looks absolutely perfect.