December 1, 2010

Gee, this stretch of road looks awfully familiar...

My, my. I should just rename my blog Time Flies, as that is what I'm thinking just about every time I sit down to write. Drove up to Davis the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to fetch Younger Son, came home on Wednesday. Highway 5 mostly looks like this,
often times with more cars and trucks. I've gained insight into the growing of cotton, thanks to the frequent trips. This is a recently harvested cotton field, at 70 mph.
 The line of green behind is probably almond trees, there are many, many almond groves along Hwy 5. I tried to get a picture of picked and baled cotton, but didn't think fast enough to compensate for going 70mph and missed the shot. You should see the bales though, longer than my pickup truck, and as tall as the cab is high. Maybe next year I'll get those pictures. Most of the cottons fields are plowed under now.

Its 500 miles from my home to where my son goes to college. If you don't have to drive, you can sleep;
(its not easy to focus a camera while driving, at least not for me. But I can barely focus one anyway, and this camera has auto focus too...)
And sleep some more,
or maybe provide in-flight entertainment.
(We were parked when I took this picture.) Or knit; but the dog doesn't know how to knit yet, she has trouble holding the needles. And I, I am proud to say, did not knit while driving. That is a long time to sit still and not knit. A. Long. Time.

Wednesday morning we (the dog and I) had some time before Younger Son finished classes, so we explored Davis Central Park. There is a very cool little merry-go-round thingy, called the Flying Carousel of the Delta Breeze, that appears to be human powered, bicycle style. I hope to see it in action one day.
There is also a demonstration/sculpture garden on the west side, where we found this character;
click to biggify and check out the socks. I'd planned on more exploring, but gosh! It was cold and windy. And I'm a wimp. The only reason we made it to the park was because it was the place nearest the motel where a dog can do what a dog's got to do. do.  If you're wondering, why yes, I do do what a responsible dog owner does, after the dog is done.

Our family enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner over at my brother-in-law's home, along with much extended family. I am thankful and extremely grateful that I didn't need to cook or clean for this celebration.

Sunday morning Evan and I hit the road north, to get him back to school. Hmmm, I forgot to take any pictures at all. But that's ok, in a few weeks I go get him again... but I don't want to think about that right now.

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  1. Love the socks!!! I think your trip sounds very inviting to those of us in the UK right now - no snow, no ice - sounds really nice>