December 3, 2010

Look! I Made a 3 Ply!

Emboldened and encouraged after watching The Gentle Art of Plying with Judith MacKenzie, I decided to try spinning a real 3 ply yarn. My technique can still use some improvement, but overall I'm pretty pleased with myself. I think I'll try it again sometime soon. This was spun from a blended batt of merino, cashmere and possum.

Other Projects, working on the Crosspatch Creations batts, but I think those will end up as a 2 ply.
Minor gripe; it never seems to matter how carefully I weigh out the fiber to ensure I'm spinning even amounts onto each bobbin, once I'm plying the singles they hardly ever come out close to even.  The 3 ply above was the worst. I think my scale is dishonest. But, I'll give it another chance.

This is my favorite lazy kate, at least so far.
A plastic basket, and some hefty bamboo skewers. Plus the basket doubles as storage when not in use as a kate.

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  1. Congrats on the 3-ply! I find my 3-ply is much more even than my 2-ply. I love your Kate, too. I'll have to give that a try. :)