January 10, 2011

Can always become tomorrow's to-do list

I did spend much time looking at heel types and turns. And, made no decision whatsoever, other than I have an idea of what I'm going to try. There. Hows that. Then, because I don't think I've done any spinning since I cast on the sisterly socks, I decided I need a spinning project.  On account of I got this new jumbo sliding hook flyer and bobbin for the neglected Ashford Traveler. I'm thinking she might make a good plying machine, and wanted to have bigger bobbins to ply onto.

The Ashford kit for converting from regular flyer to jumbo is very clever, I think. Attached to the maiden (the upright in the foreground of the picture) is a plastic piece called the flyer bearing. The orifice of the flyer fits into the bearing, supporting the front of the flyer and bobbin assembly. The jumbo flyer has, TA-DA!, a jumbo orifice. So the kit includes a jumbo flyer bearing, plus orifice reducers (that just sounds funny to me) that snug fit into the jumbo orifice so one can spin smaller yarns without them flopping all over the orifice. Plus, the original bobbins will fit this flyer, so I need never change it out to use the smaller bobbins. I do need to finish the wood bits though. My friend Jeri, who is now an Ashford dealer, helped me set it up.

From left to right, alpaca batt, brown Shetland single, alpaca roving

Above are the fibers for the new sock yarn project (oh! how I wish Ravelry had a project page for spinning!). Some time ago, between when I got the Pocket Wheel and now, I spun the Shetland just to see if I could make a skinny single. Guess so. I don't know how much is there for sure, close to 50g so I think enough to be 1 ply of a 3 ply sock yarn. The creamy white alpaca is something from a random encounter during the Vista Farmers Market a few months ago and the brown alpaca I purchased more than a while ago.

Actually, while the jumbo flyer is really cool, it has nothing to do with starting a new spinning project. I just really wanted to spin. Immediately. But I didn't want to just randomly grab something, I wanted a project. The brown Shetland has been sitting around, winking at me. I'm slow sometimes, but I finally figured there was enough there for more sock yarn. When I first started spinning that wool, I thought it might be lace yarn. Seriously, if you were to check, you'll see I don't knit much lace. Nor do I really wear shawls. I try once in a while, but even in the most beautiful shawl, I look like someone's babushka.

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  1. Cool jumbo flyer! The regular Ashford bobbins are so small. I'll bet that makes for much more efficient plying. That's one of the things I love about the Woolie Winder--I easily get twice as much yarn onto the bobbin compared to an Ashford bobbin.