January 9, 2011

today's to-do list

Decide which type of heel to use for the sisterly socks. Does anyone have a favorite heel for toe up socks?  I like the slipped stitch heel flap used in Widdershins, and have used it several times.  But I'm rather lazy and don't like having to calculate how many stitches to use in turning the heel, and figuring out how often to wrap and turn. Now that I think about it, I could probably figure out a simple little equation that I could just plug the stitch gauge into to get the right numbers. In fact, I think I have, but I don't remember where it is.

So I just decided to Google turning the heel and found this page, which is a table listing 5 different types of heel, how to perform the turn and how many stitches to use in doing so, based on how many total stitches make up the sock. The table goes up to 80 stitches, I can probably extrapolate (for some reason, I love that word) the rest of the numbers if I'm knitting very tiny stitches, or very large socks. Now I just have to look up what the different heels look like, and I don't know if these heels are pretty much the same whether knitting cuff down or toe up. I'm sure I'll burn a few hours on educating myself, and feeling very grateful to all the sock knitters who have taken the time to post the information on the internet. What a world.

Guanacos at the San Diego Zoo. Not related to the post at all, but I think they look like runway models during a fashion show. 

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