February 19, 2011

Hey Look! Its a Finished Object

 Or a pair of FO. The Society of Sisterly Socks are complete, but just a tad over-sized. Better than undersized, I guess. The hank of BFL roving that contributed to this project was not marked "superwash", so perhaps I can shrink them down. Just a little. I know, I know. There is risk involved here, but seriously, this might be the most daring thing I try all month. I'm sure that even if all goes wrong, I will survive. I might even try re-sizing the socks tomorrow. Right now I'm wearing them, and loving it. I don't know if its the alpaca content or what, but these babies warmed my toes as soon as I put them on. Alpaca might just become required content in all my hand spun, hand knit socks. I love warm toes, especially when they're mine.

Today I finally took a camera into the quarantine ward to get a proper portrait of Scipio. He is looking so much better. Here's the handsome shot;

And here is something completely different;
Who would've guessed such a small cat could have such a big tongue?

1 comment:

  1. That is a freaky big tongue!

    Ross just accidentally sent a handknit knee-high through the wash, on hot, with bleach. Except for getting a bit stiff, it was unchanged.