March 26, 2011

playing with dye

Today, I'm watching the pot to make sure it doesn't boil. There's about 3 oz. of superwash merino and some scarlet red acid dye in the pot. For the red socks Evan requested. *Note to self: sitting at the keyboard is not the same as watching the pot, and now the dye bath is at a definite simmer. Maybe even a low boil. Thank goodness I'm using superwash.

In my defense, I did check the water temperature with a cooking thermometer. It was only reading about 150 F so I turned the heat up, just a little bit. At an active simmer, the temp read not quite 180 F.  For the record, cooking thermometers and I have a poor history. When ever I use a meat thermometer to get the meat done just right, the meat turns out overdone. Even when I account for continued cooking after removing the meat from the heat source. I bought myself one of those cool digital readout grilling thermometer probe things, and it quit on me. Recently I bought one of those glass candy thermometers, just to use for dyepots. Somehow, the end got crushed before I ever had a chance to try it.

I guess I'll just wing it. The heat is off now so I can post some fiber pictures while I wait for things to cool:
Superwash Merino, very soft. Some of this is in the dye pot right now.
Silky, shiny bamboo fiber
Sumptuous merino, alpaca and silk blend
dyed mohair roving, I'm going to add some of this to Evan's socks
more mohair, dark purple and green, just because
more mohair, see above!
Scarlet superwash merino roving picture to follow soon! I hope.

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