March 25, 2011

Just call me....

Wonder Woman! Without the costume. Today I took apart the trash compactor and figured out why it isn't working. One little part is broken, it looks like a big washer to me, but according to the parts list its a thrust bearing. (snort! giggle!) I'm guessing some guy made up that name. Anyway, I owe my superpowers to the internet and search engines. I still woulda found the broken part, but not the part number or the proper name.
The inspiration for my actions comes from the replacement cost for a new trash compactor, $500-$1000? You got to be kidding me. I had nothing to lose by taking the non-functional unit apart, and saved hundreds of dollars (if the fix works) saved by finding and replacing the $8 part. Feeling the warm glow of satisfaction now, possible gloating ahead.

Later I have fresh fiber stash pictures to add.