March 23, 2011

Scipio gets house priviliges

Little Scipio is now neutered and cleared from quarantine and is learning about the rest of the house. He especially likes the stairs. When no one else is home and I'm sitting at the computer, I can hear his little feet running up and down the steps. He's still skittish about sudden noises, or unfamiliar people but he seems to bounce back well. He weighs almost 5 pounds now, and eats as if determined to top out at 20.  He's not so afraid of Shae (the dog) anymore, but not quite ready to play with her either. But we're getting there. Here's a picture from this morning.

Scipio discovered that my closet holds string, lots and lots of it. I call it yarn, but to him, its string. He's also discovered that knitting involves string. Its a fascinating world for a kitten.

Pretty sure his halo just slipped off there.


  1. Oh, wow! When did he get so pretty?

  2. OMG, he's just *beautiful*! Those eyes are magical. I'm so happy for you (and him).