April 1, 2011

Springtime means change

Just like life means change. Moving, growing, dying, continuing, changing. The past few days here have brought much change to my life. The weather's been changing too, more like summer than spring, but the birds and the flowers know better. Some of them have been posing for spring portraits. Below is a female Anna's Hummingbird that popped into my flower picture. Click the pic for a bigger view.
And in case I still wasn't sure it was spring, this fellow showed and posed;
A glowing, golden male Hooded Oriole. I hope the pair nests nearby!

And speaking of glowing, I looked out the kitchen window one morning to see these luminous new leaves on the Western Redbud.  Looks like they're all lit up from inside.

One foggy morning I looked out the bedroom window and thought the spinning faeries had left silk hankies all over the back lawn,
but closer inspection proved them to be funnel spider webs. I guess it's still silk, but not the type I'll try spinning.  And speaking of spinning, here is an FO picture of the hand-dyed/spun/knit socks #3.
I'm really enjoying intentional spinning.

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